Enamel Karahi 28cm (12″) With Handles

Enamel Karahi 28cm (12″) With Handles

To cook seriously good Indian food, you need seriously good equipment and this 28cm diameter Karahi is the perfect choice. Made in India, so you know it’s right for the job, this Karahi – or Kadhai as it is sometimes called– is made from top quality enamel that will retain its good looks for years.

This Karahi is the ideal size for preparing classic Indian dishes for the enjoyment of your family. It heats evenly and efficiently for great cooking results on low, medium and high heat. The flat bottom gives stability while cooking and when serving, and the sloping sides make it easy to scoop out the food right down to the last drop.

Not only a superb cooking utensil, this Karahi also looks so good that it makes an excellent serving dish, meaning that you can take it to the table straight from the cooker. This is made easy by the sturdy handles on either side but you have to careful that the handles aren’t exposed to the heat or you might burn your hands.

Your Karahi will serve you well, provided you look after it properly. Wash it and dry it carefully before use and never put it on the heat when it is empty. Also, after use, do not put the hot Karahi under a cold tap.

Perfect for cooking, attractive as a serving dish, easy to clean and hardwearing, the 28cm Karahi is an essential accessory for your kitchen if you want to produce authentic Indian food in the traditional way.