Clay Kadai with Lid 2 Litre, Hand Made Pottery Earthen Kadai, Clay Handi Pots Combo for Cooking and Serving (Brown, 2… Price: £65.00 (as of 16/05/2022 00:57 PST- Details)

Serve up a slow cooked storm with this deep, flat bottomed handi pot. Its handmade terracotta material gives you the even heat dispersion of a traditional clay vessel with all the natural benefits that come with clay cooking, whilst the depth and flat base are perfect for gravy-rich curries, fragrant sauces, or stews.

Cooking in clay allows your food to infuse flavour more readily and retain moisture, allowing you to reduce the amount of oil you use – healthier cooking without compromising on taste!

This handi’s 2 litre capacity also makes it a perfect addition to the family table and its attractive, natural earth tone mean it can be used as an ideal vessel for serving as well as cooking. Why not remove the lid and use the handi as a rustic salad bowl or vegetable server? Otherwise just let your spices simmer away and cook the family a tender mutton stew, chicken broth, or crowd pleasing biryani before bringing it straight to the table.