Milton HC-207 Microwave Maker and Steamer, Makes 12 Idlis, Plastic, White

This microwave maker and steamer is the perfect answer for busy people. It’s ideal for when you want your idlis in a hurry and makes 12 at a time. Dhokra, too, can be made in only about 7 minutes.  In fact, a whole range of traditional snacks and treats can be made quickly and economically – and without steaming up the kitchen!

You can oil the trays if you prefer, but it’s not really necessary. They are super easy to clean and dishwasher safe. To make sure that your idlis come out soft and fluffy, remember to fill the bottom tray with a little water. The amount of water in your usual recipe may need to be slightly adjusted so that you have the degree of softness you like.

The maker and steamer can also double up as a container for generally re-heating any food in the microwave.