Sonex Karahi 22cm (9.5″) Aluminum Cooking Pot

Sonex Karahi 22cm (9.5″) Aluminum Cooking Pot

Finding the right utensils to help you cook those Indian dishes you love so much can be problem. But look no further – once you discover the Sonex 22cm Flt Karahi Aluminium Cooking Pot your search is over.

With a capacity of 2.5 litres and just right for family-sized dishes, the Sonex Karahi is made from high-grade aluminium and special steel alloy with a flat base design that facilitates good heat distribution and stability during use. It is suitable for cooking with all heat sources except induction.

The large metal handles are riveted to the pot for strength and afford excellent grip for handling the Karahi; they are also angled upwards away from the heat source to reduce the risk of becoming too hot.

The rim of the Sonex Karahi cooking pot is specially shaped for filling and pouring without making a mess while the lid serves to keep in the heat and reduce the chance of splatter. Completely dishwasher safe, it is easily cleaned with almost no effort.

The Sonex Karahi is the perfect utensil for all your Indian cooking needs. Combining good design, top craftsmanship and quality materials, it will help you prepare superb dishes time after time that your family and friends are sure to enjoy.