Tefal Karahi 26 cm (10″) – Madras Collection

Tefal Karahi 26 cm (10″) – Madras Collection

Anyone who watched Rick Steins India this year, would have heard him discuss the importance of finding a high quality Karahi for Indian cooking. The Tefal Madras Collection Karahi is ideal for anyone on a quest to create the perfect curry and has a number of features that set it apart from it’s competition.

Tefal Karahi 26 cm Features:
Dishwasher proof – This Karahi looks brand new after multiple washes in the dishwasher, making cleaning as simple as possible.

Non Stick – Traditional Karahi’s have a flat Aluminium or Iron base, meaning that sticking can occur. The Tefal Madras Collection Karahi has a special non stick coating to prevent this and ensure you produce the best dish possible.

Thermo-spot Technology – The unique Tefal thermo-spot technology will let you know when your Karahi has reached the perfect temperate for you to begin cooking.

Glass Lid – In addition to its non-stick surface this Karahi comes with a glass lid so you can keep an eye on your food, whilst keeping the heat in.

Faults – The only real fault of the Tefal 26cm Karahi is the thickness of the base, meaning that the heat distribution isn’t as even as some thicker Karahi’s with cast iron bases. However, considering how difficult it can be to find these in the UK, the heat distribution is probably the best out of the Karahi’s currently available online.