Brass Sev Sancha Manual Pasta Noodles Spaghetti Maker Murukku Chakli Bhujia Maker Indian Snack Maker with 6 Different… Price: £22.99 (as of 12/08/2022 18:48 PST- Details)

This beautiful heavy-duty brass sancha is perfect for the cook who likes to use traditional utensils. Durable and corrosion resistant, this long lasting utensil will be in the family for years. With 6 different disc plates, you can create a variety of perfectly shaped, delicious snacks such as Bombay mix, Iddiyppam/string hoppers and Diwali snacks or even spaghetti and noodles.

Simple to use, just choose the disc that is the shape you want, add your dough and screw down the lid well. When you turn the handle, the dough is extruded through the sharp disc in the shape you want, ready to cook.


Length: 21cm (8.2″)

Width: 15.6cm (6.1″)

Height: 7.8cm (3″)