Kasian House Cast Iron Griddle for Making Poffertjes Pancake Balls, Takoyaki, and Thai Kanom Krok and Other Desserts | 9…

A pan for a lifetime, this solid, cast iron pan is perfect for making mini appams and other similar savouries and desserts.  1.5” diameter and 1” deep moulds make little appams perfect for snacks, parties and smaller appetites.

Cast iron cookware is unique and the instructions will guide new users. Unlike other pans, the more cast iron cookware is used, the more non-stick it becomes.  Although ready-seasoned, oiling a little the first couple of times when using will help appams not to stick. Do not put in the dishwasher, hand washing will better maintain the non-stick quality.

Suitable for use on indoor gas stoves and outdoor grills.


Length: 23cm (9″)

Width: 23cm (9″)

Height: 5cm (2″)

Weight: 1.64kg