Futura Tava Griddle Pan Nonstick Q50 26cm Aluminium 4.88mm Thick, Non-Toxic, Non-Staining, Stainless Steel Stay-Cool 6mm… Price:  £16.00 (as of 30/11/2021 22:01 PST- Details)

Manufactured by Hawkins, this 26cm (10″) tawa pan is perfect for producing flatbreads such as chapati, roti and dosa.

Constructed from Stainless steel with a thick, heavy base, the pan heats quickly and evenly and has excellent heat retention.

With a hard anodised surface,  the non-stick coating will not tarnish or corrode, and will stay looking good for years.

Hob Type: Gas, electric, induction

Dishwasher Safe: Yes