Le Creuset, Palm L2042-244P Enameled Cast Iron 3 Quart Balti Dish

Don’t be put off by the name! Le Creuset may be describing this brilliant pan as a ‘balti dish’, but it is most definitely a Karahi as it can be used for cooking as well as serving.

Made from cast iron, this Le Creuset karahi is available as either a 20cm (8″) or 24cm (9.5″) sized pan. You can also choose between a more traditional satin black colouring or a reddy cerise.

Like any Le Creuset cast iron cookware, the build quality of this pan is superb. The secret is the even-width of the base and sides, which results in excellent heat distribution and retention.

As it is made out of cast iron, this pan is also suitable for any heat source, including induction hobs, grills and ovens. It will also naturally develop non-stick properties over time as a patina is formed.

Hob Type: Electric, Gas, Induction

Dishwasher Safe: No


Capacity: 2.84 ltr

Weight: 2.3 kg