Spacetouch Stainless Steel Medu Vada Medu WADA Vada Maker WADA Maker Machine Crispy South Indian Dish Price: £29.99 (as of 12/08/2022 18:48 PST- Details)

Why spend time getting covered in batter when you can use this stainless steel gadget to make your vadas for you? Durable, hassle-free, and quick to use, this ingenious medu vada maker allows you to process your vada without the mess and clean-up operation.

No need to plug it in, the vada maker can be operated by hand and is machine washable. Simply assemble as per the instructions, add your batter, and squeeze the vada from the bottom of the machine into your cooking oil. Strain after cooking and the job is done! A useful gadget used by restaurants and street stalls globally – why not bring it into your own kitchen?