Zap Impex® Original Indian Rice Bowl Handi (Dechki), Stainless Steel and Copper with Lid, 20 cm Diameter Price:  £37.99 (as of 09/04/2023 05:29 PST- Details)

With classic patterning and a charming bronze finish, this versatile but durable rice serving handi is a perfect way to present meals at special occasions, family dinners, or restaurants.

Its double-wall design ensures that rice, soups, noodles, and any other food retains its temperature without causing the metal exterior to become too hot. It will also keep chilled dishes cool whilst your guests are waiting to tuck in.

Corrosion resistant and premium materials make this a reliable partner in the kitchen, ready to be brought out to entertain indoors and outdoors time after time. Its dimensions – 8 inches in width and 4.2 inches in depth – make it perfect for individual main servings or for side dishes to share amongst the table.